Loving the Peke/Rekklerino GIF great work, but do you mind telling me from what game it was? was it from yesterdays or earlier?

Thank you! That was from Week 9 Day 1 (Thursday, July 17th): Fnatic vs CW - Game Highlights Reel. Hope that helps! :)

The feels.

"The reason you should vote for me is because…I’m superman."

"I was really introverted, kinda? I was afraid to show…like the fans — I didn’t wanna wave them, I didn’t wanna interact with them because I was scared. I felt like they’re like ‘who’s this nerd playing games?’"

Sjokz: I’m not sure what was going on there; I’m not sure if I want to know…

W1D2: Fnatic vs SK

There is very little to say about this game with the exception of #getrekked

Fnatic defeats Alliance!